Air Tools


CHIPPING HAMMERS The full line of 15 pound class Chippers can come with open handles and thumb triggers, heavy-duty “D” style 4-bolt handles with Internal Triggers or Thumb Triggers. The open handle is forged and is machined from high alloy steel with a high shock, tool steel piston. The 4-bolt chipper is machined from high […]

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PAVING BREAKERS The line of paving breakers include 30, 40, 60, and 90 pound “T” handle tools, all with industry standard chuck sizes. They are all built from a proven market design, 4 bolt back heads, heavy-duty side rod bolts and springs, forged alloy construction with removable chucks. Internal oilers on the 30, 60 and […]

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ROCK DRILLS The Sullivan-Palatek line of drills are available in many weight sizes from 20-60 pounds and a large variety of chuck sizes. The SRD-75 is a heavy quarry drill suitable for drilling granite and available in two chuck sizes. The drill that can be used on high psi concrete it is a proven Toyo […]

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SPIKE DRIVERS Railroad spike drivers are the same design as the standard paving breakers and have a special forged alloy striking dolly with an additional grease fitting for lower end lubrication. The SSD-60 is for used or seasoned ties and the SSD-90 is for new or green ties. Features & Benefits 4 bolt backhead Heavy […]

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SCALERS They come in two styles, one for weld flux chisels and one with 19 hardened needles for removing rust, heavy paint, and scale. Features & Benefits Standard hand throttle Converts easily from one configuration to another Utilizes CLECO style steel Requires whip and oiler One year Warranty Made in USA Model Length (in) Weight […]

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CLAY DIGGERS Available in two sizes: the 30 pound has the same rugged construction as the 30 pound breaker and has a “D” handle with internal trigger. The 20 pound has a machined cylinder with a cast “D” handle and thumb trigger. Features & Benefits Exhaust muffler One piece machined cylinder Removable front head with […]

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