Rock Drills


The Sullivan-Palatek line of drills are available in many weight sizes from 20-60 pounds and a large variety of chuck sizes. The SRD-75 is a heavy quarry drill suitable for drilling granite and available in two chuck sizes. The drill that can be used on high psi concrete it is a proven Toyo design and is available in two chuck sizes. The SRD-50 is a heavy construction drill and for medium hard rock and is available in three chuck sizes. The SRD-30 is a light construction drill, high speed and has excellent flushing characteristics making it an excellent construction drill and soft rock quarry drill. All of these drills are available with an optional wet kit for dust suppression. The SRD-20 is a light construction shallow hole drill for concrete, anchors, and collaring holes. The “D” handle allows easy use in horizontal positions.

Features & Benefits

  • Forged alloy construction
  • 3 drilling speeds; stop, 1, 2, 3, 1 or low speed for collaring and pulling from drilled hole
  • Adjustable blowing capacity
  • Replaceable chuck, 1” x 4
  • 1/4” or 7/8” x 4 1/4″
  • Internal oiler
Model Length (in) Weight (lbs) Blows per Minute (bpm)
SRD-20 19 16.5 2900
SRD-30 19.5 29 2700
SRD-50 20.5 51 2300
SRD-55 23.75 56 1650
SRD-75 23.75 61 2250