Air Compressors: Rotary Vane - Oil Lubricated


HYDROVANE SERIES 2 – 60 Horsepower

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Hydrovane HV RS Series

From 10 to 60 hp, the HV RS Series include all the features of the fixed speed hydrovane, yet designed to consume the least amount of electricity to meet the air demand.

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Hydrovane HV Series

From 5 to 60 hp, the HV Series is part of the hydrovane compressor line. No other rotary compressor provides the flexibility and reliability of the HV Series.

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Hydrovane V Series

From 2 to 10 hp, the V Series is redefining the future of air compressors in this range.

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Hydrovane hypac Series

From 5 to 10 hp, hypac hydrovane compressors are pre-packages on a tank or on a tank with a dryer for a complete hassle free, easy to install system.

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