Nitrogen On Wall (NOW) – Wall-Mount Nitrogen Generator


The Nitrogen-On-Wall (NOW) panel is GENERON Group’s newest nitrogen generator. With its compact design, this high-quality and low-cost panel is made to mount on the wall of your equipment room or installed directly in production areas.

Our state-of-the-art membrane design operates silently and allows a continual flow of excellent quality nitrogen with lower compressed air consumption, all at an affordable price. Through the use of this treated compressed air system, the NOW panel will produce nitrogen from 95-99.5%.

Combined Polymer (CP) ultra-high performing nitrogen membrane modules deliver twice as much nitrogen flow as our competitors. Our high-quality components create long-lasting generators with minimal service intervals. Carbon filters have long service lives and can easily remove hydrocarbons from the air stream to extend the operating life. Our machinery is equipped with a 120-volt full-time oxygen analyzer, digital purity display, Zirconium Oxide sensor (average 5 year lifetime), high and low purity alarms, and relay outputs for power failure, and is completely mounted on a back panel that is painted with a steel powder coat.

The NOW panel is easily able to be upgraded from a single-module system to a dual-module system for the field.

System Advantages:

  • Safe: Low operating pressures and no hazardous storage
  • Economic: Low installation, operating and maintenance costs
  • Convenient: Small footprint, point of use capable, and can be entirely automated for unattended operations
  • Reliable: Superior gas industry components, extended service life and minimal service required

System Details:

  • Output pressure up to 172 psig (11.9 barg)
  • Input pressure up to 175 psig (12.06 barg)
  • Flows from 15.1 scfh (.04 NM³H) – 5,120 scfh (135.09 NM³H)
  • Purities range from 95-99.5% (higher purities available upon request)
Nitrogen On Wall Product Line
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