Custom Nitrogen Generation Packages


Our manufacturers have been leading in Membrane & Adsorption Technology for decades. GENERON Group provides a wide variety of Custom Systems to cut down the overall weight, package size, operation cost, and installation time. Available packages include: Nitrogen Generation System, Primary Air Compression, High Pressure Booster Compressor, Nitrogen Bottle Fill/Bottle Back-up System, and Instrument Air/Dry Air System.

Nitrogen Generation Systems – Tailor-made

The Nitrogen Generation System has been the core of GENERON Group for 35+ years. As the company grew, so did the need for integrated primary & post compression packages in the industry. Our manufacturer has quickly turned into one of the most achieved suppliers of Packaged Equipment and Nitrogen Generators for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry. GENERON systems are crafted and designed for harsh environments.

Custom Packages, Primary Air Compressors and Instrument Air Systems

Our product offer includes Instrument Quality Dry Air Package for instrumentation, along with Supply Air for the Nitrogen Package, controls, and other client needs. All units are packaged with the smallest available footprint on a single base, for ease of operation, transportation, and connections. Our manufacturer, GENERON Group, improved space requirements by developing the Dehydration Hollow Fiber Membrane. This is an alternate option to the Twin Tower Desiccant Dryers, which is most used to provide Instrument Quality Dry Air.

GENERON High-Pressure Compression

Our engineers manufacture both Natural Gas and Nitrogen Compression packages. We are constantly expanding our knowledge of these compression systems, and by working with our customers, we are able to provide a full range of post compression systems to meet the needs of the Oil & Gas Industry. In addition to stand-alone Post Compression system units, we also offer integrated full line units such as the Nitrogen Generator and Primary Compression systems.

GENERON Group is the leader in fabrication and design of custom Nitrogen Generators for Offshore Platforms & FPSOs in the Oil & Gas Market, with thousands of units currently operating around the world. GENERON Group will meet all third-party specifications and regulations.