Generox® Oxygen Generators for Onsite Use


The GENERON Group has more than 50 years of experience with manufacturing and designing high-performance oxygen generators. Our industrial oxygen generator systems are engineered for on-demand oxygen production. We have supplied more than 2000 Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators across the world that meet exact customer specifications.

For a fraction of the cost that traditional gas supply companies charge, you can produce on-site oxygen with an Oxygen Generation System from the GENERON Group. As an added bonus, you’ll never need to change out a pressurized cylinder or exhaust your oxygen supply.

If you need a cost-efficient replacement for buying high-pressure oxygen cylinders from traditional gas suppliers, GENEROX® On-Site Oxygen Generators are for you. Save a possible 80% of contract prices for traditional gas supply when you produce your own oxygen on-site at your facility. The GENERON Group offers a large selection of configurations that make it easy for you to choose a product that fits your exact needs.

Each of the two types of Oxygen Generators types that we offer involve properties that suit very specific applications for different markets. We have multiple options that can be customized with ease in order to meet your required specs.

For assistance in the selection process, we have on-site specialists ready to assist you. Each of our two oxygen generation technologies have attributes that revolve around their different principles of operation. To simplify the matter, these two configurations can be thought of as High-Pressure and Low-Pressure designs. The most expensive aspect of these units is the power you use to run them. The cost of each oxygen generation system can be optimized by choosing the product that suits your pressure requirements closely.

Onsite Oxygen Generation Systems

95% Oxygen Purity

We use two technologies that can generate oxygen of purities up to 95%.

PSA Technology with Twin Tower Configurations produces an oxygen supply at 80-100 PSIG. This setup can be used for most applications. When it comes to PSA Oxygen Generator models, the GENERON Group has 17 from which to choose.

VPSA Technology can produce large volumes of low pressure oxygen at 4-5 PSIG. Our VPSA technology can be used effectively for low-pressure settings like oxygen-enriched oxy-fuel combustion, wastewater treatment, fish farming, gasification, and more. There are 11 models of VPSA Oxygen Generators from which to choose.

Because we are a long-standing oxygen generator manufacturer, we’ve developed both of these technologies into a source of endless on-site oxygen supply for your business.

99% Oxygen Purity

To get oxygen of 99% purity, our systems use two purification stages. First, our traditional PSA oxygen generation unit is used to produce a 95% pure feed. That feed is fed into another PSA system that filters out residual nitrogen and argon so that it can produce a 99% oxygen product.

Oxygen Gas Generators from the GENERON Group

Whether VPSA or PSA technology is being employed, all our oxygen generating systems can be fitted to a container or packages on a skid. These configurations contain all related equipment like dryers, compressors, filters, and bottle-filling stations for high-pressure cylinders.

Our PSA on-site oxygen generator produces an Oxygen supply from 65 SCFH (1.71 Nm3/hr) to 5000 SCFH (132 Nm3/hr) at anywhere between 80-100 PSIG.

Our VPSA oxygen generation system can produce an Oxygen supply from 7 tons per day (190 Nm3/hr) to 34 tons per day (1,000 Nm3/hr) at 3-5 PSIG.

One of our GENERON Group product specialists can help if you need assistance to choose the generator that fits your application based on flow requirements and final product gas pressure for applications like.

  • Fish Farming (Uses VPSA)
  • Metal Cutting (Uses PSA)
  • Mining (Uses PSA)
  • Gasification Processes (Uses VPSA)
  • Wastewater Treatment (Uses VPSA)
  • Labs (Uses Singles or Double-stage PSAs)
  • Oxygen-Enriched Oxy-Fuel Combustion (Uses VPSA)