Ancillary Items: Condensate Drains


BEKO CONDENSATE DRAINS Condensate discharge without compressed air loss If a float drain leaks, then high costs arise as a result of leaks. Time-controlled solenoid valves also cause compressed air losses. During the valve opening, expensively generated compressed air escapes unused into the environment. In contrast a level-controlled condensate drain guarantees discharge without any compressed […]

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DRAIN-ALL WATERHOG Description WaterHog™ is a state-of-the-art, low-profile, pneumatically powered zero-loss drain trap ideal for compressed air systems up to 100 HP.  Its unique design avoids small passages common on competitor products, ensuring clog-free operation. WaterHog™ is fully automatic, operating with no timer or manual settings. Because this new product is powered by compressed air, […]

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DRAIN-ALL CONDENSATE HANDLER The Condensate Handler® replaces the Model 1700 and includes Drain-All’s® patented “throughport design” for more throughput capacity of solid debris. This is the standard condensate trap in the line. It fits most industrial applications and compressors up to approximately 1500 HP depending on the ambient conditions as well as other factors.   […]

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