Rotary Screw - Oil-Free

SPDS Series

Oil Free Compressor

75-350 HP

Our Dry Screw oil free industrial air compressors provide contaminant-free air for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.

These compressors are packaged for ease of installation and operation and offered in 75-350 hp packages, 50 or 60 Hz complete with PLC and touchscreen controls.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy maintenance access through large double hinged doors
  • Sound attenuation enclosure for quiet operation as standard supply
  • Two Stage Air End design with synchronous gearbox and
  • Rotors have patented super coating for long life
  • PLC touch screen controller with built-in safety shutdowns
  • Optional Variable Speed Drive (VSD) control technology available
  • Wye-Delta starter and Hi-Efficiency TEFC motors as standard supply
  • Air Cooled packages as standard available up to 150 hp
  • Water Cooled Packages from 75-350 hp
  • Double Seal labyrinth design ensures supply of true oil-free air
  • Engineered as a package for ease of installation and operation