Rotary Screw - Oil Lubricated


5-30 HP

Compressor/Desiccant Dryer Packages

The CDD is a practical solution to the problems of oil, water vapor and contaminants in compressed air systems. It supplies clean, dry air for critical applications.

Compressed air, a reliable source of pneumatic power in many applications, is adversely affected by oil, dirt, and water. In a variety of applications (automotive paint booths, concrete plants, and general manufacturing facilities, for example) moisture, particulate, and oil in compressed air lines contribute to lower productivity, higher operating costs, and increased maintenance.

The CDD 3-in-1 duplex system typically requires less than 10% of air for regeneration and achieves a -40º F pressure dew point for flow rates of up to 200 cfm. The modular design allows for expansion to accommodate changes in air system requirement of flow rates from 40 cfm to 200 cfm.