Rotary Screw - Oil Lubricated


20 – 500 Horspower

Low cost of ownership throughout life cycle

Compressed air is often referred to as the ‘fourth utility’ and is critical to most manufacturing operations. Facility performance depends upon compressor reliability and efficiency.Power consumption is a significant cost throughout the life cycle of a compressor. Therefore, it is important to consider the life cycle cost of a compressed air system when evaluating productivity improvements. KRSP series advanced energy saving features reduce operation costs significantly.

Continued development has increased efficiency by more than 20% over earlier models

•Direct drive (1:1 ratio) motor and air end operate at slow speed

•Low part load energy consumption•Steady system pressure lowers system stress and overall air demand

•Slow speed rotors maximize performance and increase reliability

•Decreased energy consumption delivers environmentally friendly savings

•Quadruple SKF bearings for durability and reliability

•5 / 6 rotor profile creates optimal performance while reducing energy consumption

•Very tight tolerances provide maximum efficiency

•Direct flow inlet valve provides reliable capacity control