- BOSS FT4 DUS 185

FT4 DUS 185

The BOSS Final Tier 4 Diesel Utility 185 CFM is the bench mark for all utility skid rotary screw 185 CFM compressors!


The BOSS Final Tier 4 DUS 185 is the perfect 185 cfm Rotary Screw air compressor for operating two 90lb jack hammers and more!

This unit incorporates a proven Final Tier 49 HP diesel engine mated to a skid mounted air compressor. Strong, durable and now with a full digital control system!

This controller allows for a full system integration featuring all the typical safety shutdowns such as;

• Compressor temperature

• Discharge Pressure

• Engine oil pressure

• Engine temperature

• Voltmeter

• Tachometer,

• Fuel level – low fuel warning and shutdown

• Complete engine diagnostic tool

• Unit converter

• Multilingual capabilities

• Waterproof up to six feet

Typically, this BOSS application is mounted to the customers’ vehicle for various tasks such as paint striping, vacuum systems, and air tools.