Condensate Treatment

QWIK-PURE® and ÖWAMAT® | Oil-water Separators

The disposal of air compressor lubricant carryover in condensate is a concern, as is the variety of regulations across the country. Installation of an oil-water separator is simple. The oily condensate from each drain valve is individually piped to a depressurization chamber to reduce pressure to atmospheric. The clean water is then piped into an waste water drain. The separated oil is contained within the cartridge and/or held in a collection vessel for proper disposal.

QWIK-PURE® and ÖWAMAT® Features and Benefits

Simplified Service
  • Lightweight, easy to change cartridge and the exterior remains clean and dry (no dirty hands)
Unique Adsorption Material
  • Advanced filling material that is extremely light, not messy and has increased performance
Reliable Operation
  • Works well with all lubrication types including Polyglycol lubricants
Environmentally Safe
  • Cartridge can be disposed of normally and is safe for any sanitary land-fill
Future Proof
  • Easy expansion with specifically designed accessories