Condensate Treatment

nano S1 oil water separators


oil water separators S1
flow capacity: 60 – 7000 scfm

sizing & specifications

(1) inlet and outlet connections on the SEP 60 ST are push to connect. All other models are NPT threaded
(2) sizing assumes an oil flooded compressor using mineral or synthetic lubricant with a maximum oil carry-over of 5 mg/m3 or less
(3) media life decreases with increased condensate flow. For media life estimates at other flow rates contact
(4) for use with PAG compressor lubricants contact nano technical support or email

A typical compressed air and gas system can produce thousands of gallons of condensate per year. This condensate may
be as much as 99.9% pure water – so why pay thousands of dollars per year to dispose of water when you can clean it
simply and effectively and pour it down the drain? The nano Sepura range of oil water separators removes the oil from the
water in your condensate so you can dispose of it cleanly and safely, drastically reducing your condensate disposal costs.

The S1 is not your typical oil water separator. Its advanced design and unique environmentally friendly STERLING oil absorbing filtration media takes separation technology to a whole new level. No messy carbon bags. No settling tanks full of untreated condensate. No external oil collection containers. Just simple and effective condensate treatment.
• 100% performance – even on newer synthetic compressor lubricants*
• lower life cycle costs – long media life and simplified maintenance
• lower outlet concentrations – down to 5 ppmv or less
• space saving – smaller footprint for easier installation
• environmentally friendly recycled materials
• treatment for systems up to 10,000 scfm with a single unit
• peace of mind – the most reliable product of its kind