Scroll Compressors - Oil-Free
- Anest-Iwata SLE SERIES

ANEST IWATA Corporation was the first to develop and market the oil less, air-cooled
scroll pump in 1991. Since then, ANEST IWATA has refined and improved the scroll
design to meet the requirements for critical air.

The ANEST IWATA SLE Scroll enclosures consist of one or more
scroll pumps with each operating independently.
The scroll pumps have a fixed portion and an orbiting portion
that allow for air to be forced through an increasing
confined space. The results are an air compressor that
runs very quiet, efficient and oil less.

ISO 8573-1:2010 Class Zero
Oil Free scroll compressor
UL508A rated Control Panel
Quiet – Sound reducing enclosure cabinet
Adjustable pressure set points
for automatic start/stop
Oversized 5 micron inlet filters
Twin belt-driven with sirocco fan for cooling
Oil less design – no lubrication required
User Friendly HMI touch screen
with integrated PLC*
E-stop standard*
BACnet and Modbus communication is standard*
*Only SLE 10 (H) to 60 (H)