60-200 HP

Direct drive with oversized air ends that provide decades of dependability.

G-2 Series

40-50 HP

Low speed 1800 RPM

Design principles with super size bearings and 40% larger air end than competition

The Gardner Denver Apex line is designed for peak performance:

  • 5 to 25 HP
  • 110 to 175 PSIG
  • 18 to 110 CFM



If your compressor is running hot, or shutting off for high temperature, you need to get it serviced soon to prevent permanent.  Could be as simple as your compressor is running low on oil.  Call HCS for assistance to avoid costly shutdowns. 

Houston Compression & services (HCS), provides the Industrial, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Medical Industries with top of the line Air Compressor equipment, Rotary Screw Compressors, Centrifugal air, Gas Compressors along with refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers & membrane air dryers to clean and dry  compressed air.  To accommodate the process gas industry, HCS also offers a complete line of LeROI gas compressors.

At the core of the Houston Compression & Service (HCS) is our ability to service our customers.  Our CompAir Certified Service technicians are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 
Contact us for a survey of your compressed air system to check for small leaks, etc. that may be affecting your bottom line. 

In addition to supplying stand-alone compressors, our engineering team is here to help design custom systems to meet your specific requirements in our Houston Facility. HCS is part of the IGS Family of companies including Generon IGS, Houston Vessel Manufacturing (HVM), ACFM (Roots Blowers), and Global Nitrogen Services (GNS).

Fast Pipeline Losses Calculator

by Mario Chapa

I’ve visited literally thousands of plants in 20 years of being an engineer.  I rarely have seen a well-designed air pipeline!

Usually people will invest a considerable amount of time designing water, vapor or “other than air” lines.  Pressure losses and leaks are evident especially with stinky gases or hazardous liquids.  But rarely anyone designs and maintains the air pipeline up to date.  When a growing company needs more air, typically what happens is that they buy a new compressor and add it to the same pipe that was not necessarily adequately sized in the first place, now with the new compressor, they may very well be losing up to 50% of the energy of that new compressor in friction loses alone.

Why is this such a common mistake?  First, air leaks are invisible.  At the most, you will hear a hiss or a whistle that will camouflage itself in the shop noise.  Air leaks don’t leave a puddle in the shop floor, or at least they shouldn’t! (if they do, you are in desperate need for either a dryer or an automatic drain or both! But that’s another story!)

Air is usually the single biggest energy consumer in most shops, and yet when people want to save money they look into their process and not into their compressed air pipeline.  Adequately sizing and designing your air pipeline can save money in different ways.  Here are a few:

  1. You can consume less energy and get the same amount of pressurized air.
  2. You can increase your production by getting a better air flow.
  3. You can avoid buying a new compressor.
  4. You can avoid leaks.
  5. You can save money by spreading your maintenance costs due to less compressor usage.
  6. You can increase the life of your compressor buy not running it as hot.

We recently finished two projects in the Houston-Galveston area.  In one, we saved the customer from starting his third compressor that is now idling most of the time.  That’s almost 200 HP just by redesigning the header.

In another location, the wrong pipe size caused more than 55% of the energy lost against pressure loses.  Redesigning the pipeline will save this customer almost $9,000.00 a month!  So the morale of the story is that you should take some time to analyze your whole air system that includes:  compressors, dryers, receivers, drains and pipes.  The fastest way to do that is that you give us a call and we will do it for you for free!  Even better, send us an email with the following information and we will do the evaluation within 48 hours:

  1. Compressors size, number and type (i.e. 3 L55 compressors or; we have two 100 HP rotary screw compressors)
  2. Receiver number and size
  3. Dryers number and size
  4. Main pipe diameter, material and approximate length (i.e. 300 ft. of 2” galvanized pipe).
  5. Approximate amount of: elbows, tees and valves in the line.
  6. Is the line a loop or not
  7. Line pressure
  8. Air requirements if possible.

Still, if you want to do the calcs yourself, here are a few pointers:

Once you gather the information required above, you need to calculate an equivalent pipe length.  Each elbow, valve, tee, and reduction causes pressure loses that can be translated into equivalent pipe length.  Usually these are about two to three times the length of the pipe, so if you have a 200’ pipe, chances are the equivalent length of your pipe once you include all the fitting losses, is going to be somewhere between 400 and 600’.  You can compute the pipeline equivalent length using table 1.  Use the equivalent length to calculate the pressure loss using Harris Equation.  Then calculate the cost of pressure drop using equation 2.  This formulas are over simplified to have a quick assessment on how is the overall efficiency of your system.  The further higher your flow is, the more money you are losing in friction loses.

Let’s do an example.  Assume we have a plant with two 100 HP rotary screw compressors .  The plant has a 2” pipe that runs the length of the shop, around 300’.  The plant runs two 8 hour shifts for 5 days a week (4160 hours a year). A rapid walk through gave the following totals: 12 valves, 4 check valves, 18 tees, 26 elbows (90o).  The system pressure is maintained at 110 psi.  A rotary screw will give conservatively 4 scfm per HP.  Beware that you will have to divide scfm by 60 to obtain scfs that Harris requires.

  1. Get equivalent lengths from table 1.
    1. 12 x  2.24 =  26.88
    2. 4   x 23.2 =   92.8
    3. 18 x  3.44 =  61.92
    4. 26 x   5.2 =   135.2
    5. TOTAL = 26.88+92.8+61.92+135.2+300 = 616 feet
  2. Calculate compression ratio
    1. P atm = 14.2 psi (for Houston)
    2. P system = 110 psig = 124.2 psia
    3. R = Ps/Patm = 124.2/14.2 = 8.74
  3. Calculate pressure drop using Harris
    1. P drop = 0.1025 x 616 ft. x (200*4/60)2/8.74/(2.157)5.31 = 21.657 psi
  4. Compute monetary cost using equation
    1. Dollars/ year = 0.1x200x0.108x.7457/0.93*4160 = $7,222 dollars per year!

This means that you are losing 21.657/110 = 19.6% of your compressor’s energy fighting energy losses.

Harris Equation

Pressure Drop       =       0.1025 x L x Q2
                                                r x d5.31


Pressure drop in psig

L = system equivalent pipe length in feet

Q = cubic feet of free air per second

R = Compression ratio at inlet condition

d = Inner diameter of pipe, inches

Equation 2. Cost of Pressure Drop

Dollars/Year = CE x BHP x PI x 0.7457 /ME x Hours/Year


CE =  cost of energy,  usually around $0.10 dollars/KW-Hour

BHP = total compressor horsepower

PI = Percentage increase in compressor BHP = Pressure drop (from Harris)/2/100

0.7457 = conversion factor kW/BHP

ME = Motor Efficiency at full load usually 93%

Hydrovanes at Bargain Prices

These are our one time offers so take advantage today!

Quantima, Science Fiction Technology here and now!

No gearbox and no contact, just a single moving part spinning suspended in a magnetic field.

There is something about defying gravity that captivates us.  The Quantima Compressor family from CompAir is the real world experience of that.

It uses magnetic bearings that keep the impeller suspended in midair much in the same way as Luke Skywalker’s speeder.  Although magnetic lift has been around for a number of years, its application to a centrifugal compressor is relatively new.  In the Quantima, the compressor shaft is literally hovering without touching anything!  Its centrifugal impellers are opposite to each other as to cancel the longitudinal reactions thus balancing the forces.  An onboard series of sensors balance the rotor for dynamic loads such as surge and speed variation. 

The fact that there is no friction, means no wear of parts and no change in the compressor’s performance over time.   If this weren’t’ enough, this baby has a variable speed technology that matches output to requirement, thus minimizing off-load running.  Couple all this with: impressive hi-tech controllers and software, oil free technology, stainless steel coolers, zero loss drains, acoustic canopy and only two seals and you have what I believe is the perfect compressor. 

Onboard sensors and computers continually adjust the minimum and maximum rpms on the compressor according to atmospheric conditions.  The computer also regulates the speed to avoid cavitation, choking and dampens surges.  The Quantima has the lowest ever off-load power consumption of just 2.5% of full load power!

In all, with the Quantima you can save at least 25% in energy, which is a lot considering that 82% of the compression cost comes from energy consumption.  If you need a lot of clean air such as in the beverage or high-tech industry, this is the only compressor you should have.  Call us for a free brochure.  We will be happy to make a presentation for you.

There is simply no other compressor in the market that resembles the theoretical efficiencies as close as this compressor.


Parts in Stock for you  +  Preventive Maintenance = Increased Compressor Reliability

If you depend on your compressor running 24/7, you definitely need to give us a call BEFORE it shuts down.  Our commitment will be to have the most critical parts in stock for your compressor so in case of a shutdown; we have the parts already in stock, thus avoiding you to rent a compressor while waiting for parts.  If this sounds like a money saver to you, contact us so we can work on your strategic parts stock for your compressor and for a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan so we can avoid failure altogether.



Hydrovanes at Bargain Price

These are our one time offers so take advantage today!

Read the Pressure Times.


About Houston Compression & Services

Air Compressors, Gas Compressors, Service & Parts!

We provide the Industrial, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Medical industries with Air Compressor equipment, Rotary Screw Compressors, Centrifugal air and Gas Compressors.  Houston Compression & Services also provides refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers and membrane air dryers to clean and dry the compressed.  To accommodate the gas industry, Houston Compression & Services offers a complete line of LeROI gas compressors.

In addition to supplying stand-alone compressors, our engineering team is here to help customize systems to meet your specific requirements. Our Houston Facility has the designing and manufacturing capabilities to customize systems to your exact specifications. HCS is part of the IGS Family of companies including Generon IGS, Houston Vessel Manufacturing and Global Nitrogen Services.

At the core of the Houston Compression & Services is our ability to service our existing customers as well as our future customers. Air Compressor Parts and Desiccant air dryer parts, will be stock in Houston. Our Service technicians are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Here are some of the brands we distribute and service.  We usually stock parts for almost every compressor brand!


New Facilities

The construction of our 30,000 sq. ft. shop is well under way.  Stay posted for the inauguration party!  Houston Compression & Services will be moving to the new building in the Generon IGS Houston Campus as soon as the building is finished.  The new space will increase our warehouse, office and shop space.  We are ready to take your orders!

Hydrovanes at Bargain price!

We are currently waiting on the new Hydrovane models and we are moving to our new facility shortly, so the Boss is letting us give such ridiculous prices that it will almost be charity!  If you are thinking of buying a Hydrovane compressor, make sure you ask for these last ones we have.  You will of course get our excellent service at an excellent price.  Hurry up before the Boss changes his mind!  See below for pricing.




Compressor Financing

Need to buy a Professional grade compressor at amateur payments?

We have financing solutions for you.  Contact Ron Smith or Mario Chapa for a credit application.  We can finance any compressor between $5K and $200K from 24, 36, 48 and 60 monthly payments.  The federal government updated IRS Section 179 which offers accelerated depreciation opportunities on equipment and software purchased in 2013.
The 2013 Section 179 offers companies that spend less than $2,000,000 this year on qualified new and used equipment to accelerate depreciation expense up to $500,000.  50% bonus depreciation is also available for new equipment purchases for those amounts not covered by Section 179.  A cash purchase, finance agreement or capital lease all qualify for Section 179.

How to know when it’s time to buy your new compressor.

So you have an old compressor that is still running fine, yet your operation is growing and you are hesitant of whether to buy another small compressor to add to your facilities or make the leap to a more modern and bigger compressor and retire the veteran.  Still, you are facing a tough decision.  Stay with a recip (short for reciprocating compressor, a piston compressor) or make the leap to a rotary vane or a rotary screw or why not, a centrifugal and while we’re dreaming, a Quantima.

Tell-tale signs that you need a new compressor are:  low pressure in your line, meaning that your compressor just doesn’t has the capacity, your compressor overheating, oil in your air, your compressor never shutting or frequent compressor failure.  Or, you have several small compressors throughout the plant.

First of all, let me say this.  Almost every industrial process in the world requires compressed air in one way or another.   In today’s modern production systems, compressed air, electricity and hot and cold water are ubiquitous to virtually all manufacturing plants.  Some big plants even call them facilities and have them as a separate building in their campuses.  Facilities are the heart and soul of any industry.  Yet they seem to be neglected as some necessary evil which without which no process is possible.

I have visited many different manufacturing companies over the years and have usually seen a marked difference between the age and care of their production equipment and their facilities equipment. This is especially true in small businesses that are growing fast and becoming medium or large sized.  Usually people in this situation can’t cope with the growth spur their business is in, so they spend money in the biggest plasma table or air driven mixer their money can buy, but try to upgrade their compressor with a band aid, usually getting:  another tank, a bigger pipe or a bigger air filter or another small compressor to work in tandem.  In the end, they realize that the air supply is simply not enough for that Texas size machine they just bought. The problem is that a compressor is a machine, and as such, there is a maximum flow rate and pressure for each compressor size and type.

Before spending money in these small time solutions, you need to consult your local compressor vendor to assess your situation.  Investing in a compressor that doubles your air output is not twice as expensive as one half the size, so you may want to consider that.  You want to oversize your compressor so by the end of the year you don’t need to buy another one.  Big machinery is more efficient than small machinery because of friction to inertia ratios.  This holds true in compressors, ships, engines, motors, airplanes, trains and trucks.  For example if we compare two rotary screws;  the CompAir L75 has a 100 HP motor, it delivers 444.5 cfm @ 125 psi.  On the other hand, one L07 has a 10 HP motor and delivers 38.7 cfm @125 psi.  So if you buy ten 10 HP compressors, you would be losing a whopping 14.85% in excess energy due to lost efficiency.  The same principle applies to piping.  It is better to have one big main pipe than many smaller pipes with an equivalent cross section.  And that’s the efficiency part.  Price wise, you could have bought the 100 HP compressor with the money you spent in your first four 10 HP compressors.  So the purchasing efficiency is even better that the mechanical efficiency when you size up your compressor. 

Other things to consider are: the growing trend of your business or air requirements and the type of compressor you need.  If you need super high pressures, such as 5000 psi, you may not avoid the multistage recips.  But if you just use a lot of air at around 80 to 190 psi, you may very well use a rotary screw or centrifugal for super high air consumption, such as 1500 cfm, then you should seriously consider a Quantima . 

The thermo dynamical efficiency of compressors varies according to pressure and flow rates, but it is fair to say that the efficiency of compressors increases as follows:

Recip                       3.4 cfm/HP @ 140-175 psi

Hydrovane           4.036 cfm/HP @ 115 psi*

Rotary Screw      4.44 cfm/HP @ 125 psi

Quantima             4.75 cfm/HP @ 116 psi

*Increases at lower speeds or lower pressures

Keep in mind that these are nominal HPs of the motor size, not actual current, but still a very good approach.  Also, The Hydrovane, Quantima and the rotary screw can vary their speed thus avoiding turning on and off and saving more electricity because of less starting.

Unfortunately the world is not perfect and pricing increases with efficiency.  A 10 HP recip may cost only 60% of a 10 HP rotary screw.  Here is where you have to decide if you want efficiency or a low investment.  The Hydrovane is a very good in between, especially if you get the ones we have in sale in this issue.

Another thing to consider is financing.  You may want to take one of our financing options and go for the best compressor you can get.  It may pay itself in a few years in energy savings and by not slowing or shutting you down.  It is very important to talk to an expert that can guide you through all your options.

Finally, sometimes you need air of a certain quality and quantity and you have no other choice than a top of the line centrifuge or an oil less screw, in that case, like vaccines, just do it quickly!  If you get into our website www.houstoncompression.com and then hit the products tab, and then select the compressor family, you will be able to find all the brochures and specs for the different types of compressor.  But remember, we are here to help so if in doubt, give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to help you select your next compressor or dryer.

Hydrovanes at Bargain price

These are our one time offers so take advantage today!




Thank you for contacting us!

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  • CompAir … innovative solutions for compressed air and gas in the USA
  • CompAir is a leading global supplier of world class rotary screw, piston and centrifugal compressors including oil-free compressors, potable air compressors and high pressure compressor products
  • Over 200 years experience

CompAir is a leading global supplier of world class rotary screw, piston and centrifugal compressors, including oil-free compressor, portable air compressor and high pressure compressor products. CompAir has the innovative answer to your compressed air and gas needs, today.

With over 200 years of engineering excellence, the CompAir brand offers an extensive range of highly reliable, energy efficient compressors and innovative air treatment products to suit an extensive range of industries and applications CompAir’s breakthrough technologies, such as Quantima, are also helping customers achieve sustainability targets, with energy efficient and oil free compressors offering lower environmental impact.

OEM & Aftermarket Air Compressor Parts

OEM & Aftermarket parts are available for various Models and types of compressors and compressed air equipment including Gardner Denver, Comp-Air, LeROI, Reavell, Champion, Sullair, Kaeser, Quincy, Parker Hannifin (previously Dominick Hunter), SPX Hankinson and many more. We are headquartered in Houston, Texas, but can provide parts to customers around the world.

Call us or send an email for the current pricing on parts for your units.





Tired of paying high prices for Compressor Service? 

Call today, we service ALL compressor brands and types!

Here at TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES, we can service your compressors and compressed air equipment in minimal times with qualified service technicians. Parts are accessible for many different models and types of compressors and dryers. Our factory trained service technicians are available 24/7/365 and emergency services and temporary rental of compressors are offered to ensure you still meet you air compression needs while your system is down. Our service technicians can service any brand or type of compressor.

Service contracts are available when you purchase equipment plus PWP Warranty Program renewal kits for the Gardner Denver, Comp Air, LeROI or Reavell units can be provided to maintain your current warranty and/or renew it for the next five or ten years. Our service tech are trained to service all types of compressors, so give us a try!

  • Single & Two Stage gas compressors
  • Over 25 years experience
  • 10-800 hp

LeROI has been supplying gas ends specifically designed to meet the demands of the gas industry for over 25 years, building a reputation as one of the major suppliers in the industry.
LeROI offers gas end products from 10 to 800 HP with many benefits and advantages. Some of these include:

  • Integral Gearing for flexibility and to accommodate a wide variety of driver speeds
  • Longer Bearing Life
  • Variable Vi / Integral Porting, manually adjustable while operating
  • Versatrol capacity control feature for application flexibility
  • Single Stage compressors to 350 psig MAWP
  • Two Stage compressors to 500 psig MAWP

  • High pressure air and gas compressors between 20 and 410 bar
  • Provides high performance and reduced operating cost compression technologies
  • A Comp-Air Company

High Compression Excellence: The compression of air & gas via reciprocating units to pressure between 20 and 410 bar is highly specialized and sophisticated field of engineering.  Working to within tolerance of 1/1000th of a millimeter, uncompromising quality of material, processes and personnel is paramount.
REAVELL High Pressure Compression: REAVELL is the supplier of choice for high compression air & gas technology for a diverse and varied range of applications and clientele. Whenever high compression technology is used, our solutions are never far. From Compressed Natural Gas refueling across 5 continents to industrial process suppose, breaking air, offshore or defense units, REAVELL is ideally positioned to support the most demanding customers.

Compressed Natural Gas: With over is a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of ready-to-run CNG refueling stations, offering 3 decades of unrivalled engineering pedigree.
Our global team meets the needs of a diverse range of customers through a series of modular, ready-to-run packages based around the Gazpack range of air and water cooled reciprocating compression units.


  • The Gazpack series is designed to cover the full range of station types from pilot projects and small forklift fleets, through to high capacity public stations and large bus/truck refueling depots.
  • Designed for flexibility and ease of installation, the Gazpack series is available in a wide range of packaging options.
  • In addition to REAVELL’s unrivalled knowledge base in compression solutions and reciprocating unit manufacture, the organization can also support you with its extensive expertise in project management.
  • During the planning stages of a Compressed Natural Gas filling station, our global engineers and project managers can advise on a variety of factors and parameters.

Breathing Air: For well over 50 years, REAVELL & MAKO have been the breathing air system suppliers to fire and safety, recreational and professional divers, marine, offshore and defense industries across the globe.

  • Our reputation for safety, reliability, quality and service is recognized as a most valuable asset by safety professionals and divers who accept nothing less than total dependability.
  • With breathing air systems installed throughout the world, our equipment combines leading technology and unsurpassed engineering excellence to deliver high quality breathing air you can rely on.

Industrial Air & Gas: Since the beginning of industrial process support, REAVELL’s high compression technology has been the partner of choice for countless organizations worldwide

  • We will offer you precisely the right specification of industrial air & gas compression system needed for your application – supplied from a wide range of standardized models or custom designed to meet a particular requirement – commissioned as a complete turn-key package or supplied as a minimum configuration, based on your needs.
  • Serving a diverse range of sectors, our leading product development specialists, manufacturing experts, commissioning engineers and service professionals all work together to deliver class-leading high pressure technology ready for use.
  • Class-leading high pressure equipment is our answer to the need for total reliability in industrial air & gas applications.

Offshore & Marine: The quality of engineering excellence built into each and every one of our high compression units is able to stand up to even the harshest and most hostile environments

  • Right now, our systems are working on oil platforms miles from shore, naval battle groups, merchant vessels and marine applications across the globe
  • For 110 years our organization has been designing, manufacturing, commissioning and servicing compressed air & gas systems for these specialist markets making the REAVELL name synonymous with the highest standards of quality and long-term support capabilities.
  • Our unique range of seawater, freshwater and air cooled high compression systems meet or exceed all international approval standards (e.g. ISO 9001, Lloyds Register, Det Norske Veritas, RINA and The American Bureau of Shipping).
  • Our research development and engineering expertise give us an unrivalled flexibility in being able to configure specific high compression systems, tailor made to your exact requirements.

Defense: REAVELL has been an integral part of high compression technology for defense applications since the early years of the last century.

  • Today, our global technology and engineering leadership prove us to be a trusted partner for the majority of the world’s largest defense forces. Our technology will secure your operational capability, ensure your strategic and tactical mobility and secure around-the-clock operation theater control.
  • Whatever your requirements, REAVELL can supply a compression system to suit your specific need (be it air, fresh water or sea water cooled, lubricated or oil-free)
  • Fully NATO codified, we dedicate our abilities and capabilities to supporting your through the life cycle of the compression system, from design and manufacture through to installation, commissioning and long term maintenance.

  • Since 1919
  • Champion has a solid reputation for providing the highest quality in reciprocating and rotary screw air compressor systems.
  • Champion air-cooled reciprocating pumps and air compressors packages can be used to match the needs of a wide variety.

Champion has a solid reputation for providing the highest quality in reciprocating and rotary screw air compressor systems, parts and service. With over 85 years experience in designing and manufacturing air compressor systems, Champion knows and understands the application of our products in many different operating environments.



Houston – 713-550-1556
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We are headquartered in the Houston, Texas metro area.

16250 Tomball Parkway
Houston, TX 77090

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  • Has been the proven compressor of choice in many of the most difficult environments and applications
  • Rotary vane compressors are the unique alternative to rotary screw compressors
  • Hydrovane compressors wear in…not out

For over 50 years, Hydrovane has been a market leader in the manufacture and global distribution of rotary vane technology compressors, covering both rotary vane air compressor and rotary vane gas compressor applications with over 750,000 units sold to date.

Hydrovane delivers proven solutions within numerous market sectors, including automotive, general manufacturing, and medical, with special applications within the gas, snow and transit sectors. Hydrovane compressors are highly reliable, and are engineered to deliver high quality compressed air.

The Hydrovane standard product portfolio covers requirements up to 100 hp (75 kW), and 145 psi (10 bar), available in both fixed speed and energy saving regulated speed models, with Hypac options for ‘plug and play’. As well as complete packages, Hydrovane can supply separate air ends, suitable for OEM applications. Hydrovane can also offer custom solutions, tailoring our product to meet the end customers exacting requirements.

Hydrovane compressors have been proven to be the most dependable rotary compressor in many of the most rigorous environments. Hydrovane engineering can develop a custom package to fit almost any application

  • Snowmaking – below zero operation
  • Transit Packages – trains, street cars, trams, electric buses
  • Cement Batching – dirty and dusty environments
  • Shipboard / Yachts – corrosive environments
  • Smelting – high temperatures
  • Sweet Gas – city/pipeline gas
  • Sour Gas Applications
  • Oil fields, coal fields, landfill/digester, sewage

Hydrovane engineering has the capability to adapt to a Hydrovane compressor or custom-built package to many unique compressed air applications

  • Hydraulic Drive
  • Food Grade
  • High Ambient Temperature
  • Low Ambient Temperature
  • Engine Driven
  • DC Motors (34 to 600v)
  • Remote Filtration
  • Additional In-line Filtration

TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES offers a variety of compression equipment for rent. It’s available for short-term rentals — even if your system is currently down for repairs. We also provide long-term compression equipment rentals.

Electrics: (fixed speed/Air-cooled units except were note)

  • 5 hp, 16 cfm @ 125 psig 
  • 15hp, 60 cfm @ 125 psig
  • 20 hp, 86 cfm @125 psig   
  • 25 hp, 105 cfm@ 125 psig
  • 40 hp, 188cfm @ 125 psig
  • 50 hp, 180 cfm @ 190 psig
  • 50 hp, 227 cfm @ 125 psig
  • 60 hp, 110 to 260 cfm @ 125 psig (Variable Speed)
  • 75 hp, 351 cfm @ 125 psig
  • 100 hp, 455 cfm @125 psig
  • 170 hp, 400 to 700 cfm @ 125 psig (Variable Speed)
  • 250 hp, 1159 cfm @ 125 psig

Portable Diesels:

  • 185 cfm @ 100 psig 

Oil-Free Compressors

  • 215 hp, 333 to 850 CFM @145 psig (Variable Speed)
  • 1,250 hp, 5,400 cfm @ 150 psig (Water-cooled)
  • 1,250 hp, 3,200 cfm @ 325 psig (Water-cooled)
  • 1,500 hp, 3,700 cfm @ 150 psig (Water-cooled)
  • 1,500 hp, 3,500 cfm @ 325 psig (Water-cooled)



Houston-based Company for Air Compressors, Gas Compressors, Air Dryers, Storage Tanks and Other Equipment

TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES, headquartered in Houston, Texas, supplies and services air compressors, gas compressors and ancillary equipment to meet the demands of the Texas and Gulf Coast markets. In addition to supplying stand alone compressors, our engineering team is here to help customize systems to meet your specific requirements.

TCS supplies and services the Industrial, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Medical industries with Gardner Denver air compressing products including CompAir Quantima, Hydrovane, Champion and Reavell. CompAir’s product range has been developed and honed through nearly 200 years of experience within the industry. 

To accommodate the gas industry, TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES offers a complete line of Gardner Denver and LeROI gas compressors. Gardner Denver and LeROI has been supplying process gas compressors specifically designed to meet the demands of the gas industry for over 25 years, building a reputation as major suppliers in the industry.

TCS is part of the IGS family of companies including Generon, Houston Vessel Manufacturing, ACFM, and Global Nitrogen Services. We’re headquartered right off Highway 249 and Beltway 8 in northwest Houston.

We offer air compressors, gas compressors, air dryers, storage tanks, and other types of equipment for purchase and rent.

TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES is centrally located to service the ever growing Texas and Gulf Coast Markets with the latest in compressed air & gas technology. 


  • evaluate customer requirements and recommend plant air solutions.
  • supply individual compressed air components (Compressor, Dryer, Receiver Tanks, etc.).
  • build complete skid mounted packages to meet customer specifications.
  • construct and install complete compressed air systems, including plant air piping on customer's site.

TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES stocks compressor sizes from 5 HP to 350 HP for sales and rentals.

TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES has 100% Factory Trained Technicians on Gardner Denver, CompAir, LeROI, Kaeser, Atlas Copco, Sullair, Quincy, Champion, Reavell, Campbell Hausfeld, and other compressor manufacturers.

TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES maintains a parts inventory that allows us to maintain a 99% up time for our customers, we provide service 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES has the capability in our shop to rework / rebuild / test-run any size air compressor up to 2000 HP.


Air Compressors, Gas Compressors, Compressor Service, Compressor Parts!

TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES provides the Industrial, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Medical industries with Air Compressor equipment, Rotary Screw Compressors, Centrifugal compressors, Lubricated, and Gas Compressors.  TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES also provides refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers and membrane air dryers to clean and dry the compressed air from the gas compressors. To accommodate the gas indsutry, TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES offers a complete line of Gardner Denver and LeROI gas compressors.

In addition to supplying stand alone compressors, our engineering team is here to help customize systems to meet your specific requirements. Our Houston Headquarters has the designing and manufacturing capabilities to customize systems to your exact specifications. TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES is part of the IGS Family of companies including Generon, Houston Vessel Manufacturing, ACFM, and Global Nitrogen Services.

At the core of the TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES is our ability to service our existing customers as well as our future customers. Air Compressor Parts and Desiccant air dryer parts, will be stock in Houston. Our Service technicians are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Gardner Denver’s premier Compressor distributor in Texas, TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES, provides Gardner Denver compressors, along with Gardner Denver Parts, and Service on Gardner Denver compressors. TCS products include oil flooded rotary screw compressors, rotary vane compressors, centrifugal air compressors, reciprocating compressors, and process compressors for gas and high pressure applications.

TCS markets Gardner Denever, Reavell, Champion, Hydrovane, Comp-Air, LeROI, Quantima, and Generon products including:

  • CompAir
  • hydrovane
  • Champion
  • Quantima
  • Reavell
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