Rotary Screw - Oil Lubricated Air Compressors
- LeROI Modules

  • Gas compressor that includes integral gearing, longer bearing life, variable Vi / Integral Porting and heavy duty construction
  • 20 to 350 psig
  • 10 to 30 hp

Modules include LeROI’s HG10000HI compressor, aluminum oil cooler and gas cooler (175 PSIG MAWP), 16” cooling fan, driven by compressor shaft or separate electric motor, fan guard, thermal mixing valve, oil filter assembly with pressure drop indicator, ASME gas / oil separator assembly with element and a port for an optional thermostatic oil heater, oil return piping assembly, sight glass for oil level, and minimum discharge pressure valve. All components are piped and mounted on a steel base for mounting on your skid. Controls, safety relief valve, nor inlet scrubber are not included.


  • Steel oil cooler and gas cooler for 20 HP or 30 HP. 250 or 350 PSIG MAWP. Stainless steel cores, ASME and CRN are available.
  • TEFC 1800 RPM, 3 / 60 / 230/460 V electric motors suitable for VFD, includes motor base with twin screws for belt tension adjustment.
  • V-Belt drives with guard.
  • Contactor or VSD Control/Starter Panels with disconnect in NEMA 3R enclosures.
  • Oil pump for pressures below 70 PSIG and / or speeds below 2700 RPM.
  • Internal compressor by–pass porting for reduced flow applications.
  • Alternate bases: i) with Structural Members welded to skid under main components, ii) heavy module base with 1/2” deck and 6” C-channels or iii) a 4’ X 9’ skid with containment and room for your controls and most inlet scrubbers.
  • Intake valve for use as an oil stop (check) valve or capacity control and multiple inlet flange adapters.
  • Adjustable minimum pressure valves, 20-70 PSIG or 50-100 PSIG.