Membrane Air Dryers Air Dryers
- Generon Membrane

  • No CFCs
  • No moving parts
  • No electrical power connections

Generon IGS membrane Air Dryers perform where other technologies cannot:

  • Where no power is available
  • If high vibration are present
  • In classified hazardous areas
  • In corrosive environments
  • If space is limited
  • If flexible installation is required
  • In fluctuating and high temperatures
  • If noise can create a problem

How membrane compressed air dryers work:

  • The compressed air, saturated with water vapor, flows through a bundle of GENERON® hollow-fibers. The membrane fibers allow water vapor to pass and the air stays in the membrane fibers and is discharged as a dryer product. A fraction of the dryer air is redirected internally to sweep the permeated water vapor as a gas out of the module.
  • Thanks to our pioneering Advanced Fiber Technology, state-of-the-art Module Fabrication and our patented Ejector technology, GENERON® Membrane Dryers perform with the lowest purge air loss for the highest possible efficiency – saving you time and money in your production process.