Gardner Denver Oil Mist Eliminators

Removes Submicronic Particles for Ultra Clean Air:

  • 100% of particles 3 microns and larger
  • 99.98% of particles 0.1 micron and larger
  • 0.5 ppm w/w maximum liquid content after filtration
  • 1000 ppm maximum inlet liquid loading


  • FME Mist Eliminators protect products and processes from contamination and increases the life of pneumatic equipment.
  • The FME Series is the “auditor’s choice” to reduce energy costs and remove oil and water aerosols from compressed air systems.
  • The FME Mist Eliminator is a coalescing oil removal filter designed to efficiently remove contamination from a compressed air stream.
  • The filtration media consists of highly engineered, loosely packed glass fibers.
  • The filter media is contained in a cartridge and housed in a heavy duty, ASME coded pressure vessel.

How it works

  • Compressed air is directed into the pressure vessel and through the filter cartridge.
  • Entrained water and oil aerosols are captured by high performance fibers (direct interception)/inertial impaction/Brownian motion).
  • The captured aerosols move along the fibers and coalesce into larger droplets, which gravitate to the bottom of the cartridge
  • The condensate is collected in the sump and discharged from the vessel with a no-air-loss drain (optional).
  • Filtered air exits the outlet port for system use.


  • Eight flow models
  • Flow ratings based on 100 ⁰F inlet air temperature, 100 psig
  • Heavy duty ASME coded pressure vessel
  • Sturdy floor stand with mounting holes
  • Maximum working pressure: 150 psig
  • Maximum working temperature: 150⁰ F