Gardner Denver Condensate Drains

Features and Benefits

  • Operating temperatures: 35–150°F
  • Operating pressures: 10–500 PSIG
  • Models offered with top or bottom inlet connection
  • Economical drain for light to heavy duty service
  • Discharge rates of 0.3–24 gallons/hour
  • Discharge port designed to prevent clogging


Gardner Denver condensate drains ensure manufacturing process and finished product are not contaminated by bulk liquids and oil. Proper drain installation is a critical component in a well


designed Gardner Denver air treatment system.

  • Separators used downstream of after-coolers remove large amounts of condensate from the compressed air stream. They are normally integrated into a compressor package or are placed directly at the compressor outlet. These separators are designed to effectively remove high volumes of liquid contamination.
  • Receiver tanks utilize drains installed beneath the tank.
  • Filters utilize drains to dispose of liquid oil and water which has been separated from the air stream by the coalescing filter element.