• Generon Instrument Air Packages

    As a world leader in membrane and adsorption technology, Generon® provides to its clients a full range of Instrument Air Packages.
  • Generon Nitrogen Generators

    TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES has cabinet-sized nitrogen generators and small skidded systems to meet your site’s nitrogen generation needs.
  • Vapor Recovery Units

    TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES is equipped with the best engineering team, fabricators and technicians to fulfill your requirements for vapor recovery whether offshore, onshore, sweet or sour gas. Give us a call to discuss and we will visit you to discuss your requirements and specifications.
  • Biogas and Landfill Gas Capture, Compression and Generation

    TEXAS COMPRESSION SERVICES has the technology to capture, clean and compress your biogas and then use it as a fuel source for a generator. Give TCS a call to discuss and we will visit you to discuss you requirements and specifications.