Rotary Screw Air Compressor - Water Injected EnviroAire Series

  • Water injected, oil-less rotary screw compressors – gives you higher quality air and lower costs
  • 75 to 145 psig
  • 100% oil-less, variable speed rotary screw compressors

Variable speed saves energy

  • High output single screw compression element
  • Water injected for near isothermal compression
  • Efficient direct drive arrangement
  • High efficiency, IP55 drive motor, variable speed – saves energy

High quality Air Output

  • 100% oil-less construction
  • No oil in compressor = no oil in air
  • Clean, cool oil-free air guaranteed

Simplicity and Reliability

  • Established and proven single stage compression element
  • Simplified construction with no interstage or final air coolers
  • Dependable direct drive system
  • Reduced component count enhances reliability

Reduced Downtime and Easy Servicing

  • No oil or oil filter maintenance required
  • No oil related waste disposal costs
  • 4000 hour service interval
  • Large doors provide easy access to all components

Monitoring and Control

  • Microprocessor based compressor control system
  • Clean text machine status display
  • Remote control
  • Accurate pressure transducer control

Easy Installation

  • Fully silenced package for low noise levels
  • Free standing package

Components NOT found in the DH

  • Oil
  • Oil separator
  • Oil removal filters
  • Gearbox
  • Starting inrush current