• High pressure air and gas compressors between 20 and 410 bar
  • Provides high performance and reduced operating cost compression technologies
  • A Comp-Air Company

High Compression Excellence: The compression of air & gas via reciprocating units to pressure between 20 and 410 bar is highly specialized and sophisticated field of engineering.  Working to within tolerance of 1/1000th of a millimeter, uncompromising quality of material, processes and personnel is paramount.
REAVELL High Pressure Compression: REAVELL is the supplier of choice for high compression air & gas technology for a diverse and varied range of applications and clientele. Whenever high compression technology is used, our solutions are never far. From Compressed Natural Gas refueling across 5 continents to industrial process suppose, breaking air, offshore or defense units, REAVELL is ideally positioned to support the most demanding customers.

Compressed Natural Gas: With over is a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of ready-to-run CNG refueling stations, offering 3 decades of unrivalled engineering pedigree.
Our global team meets the needs of a diverse range of customers through a series of modular, ready-to-run packages based around the Gazpack range of air and water cooled reciprocating compression units.


  • The Gazpack series is designed to cover the full range of station types from pilot projects and small forklift fleets, through to high capacity public stations and large bus/truck refueling depots.
  • Designed for flexibility and ease of installation, the Gazpack series is available in a wide range of packaging options.
  • In addition to REAVELL’s unrivalled knowledge base in compression solutions and reciprocating unit manufacture, the organization can also support you with its extensive expertise in project management.
  • During the planning stages of a Compressed Natural Gas filling station, our global engineers and project managers can advise on a variety of factors and parameters.

Breathing Air: For well over 50 years, REAVELL & MAKO have been the breathing air system suppliers to fire and safety, recreational and professional divers, marine, offshore and defense industries across the globe.

  • Our reputation for safety, reliability, quality and service is recognized as a most valuable asset by safety professionals and divers who accept nothing less than total dependability.
  • With breathing air systems installed throughout the world, our equipment combines leading technology and unsurpassed engineering excellence to deliver high quality breathing air you can rely on.

Industrial Air & Gas: Since the beginning of industrial process support, REAVELL’s high compression technology has been the partner of choice for countless organizations worldwide

  • We will offer you precisely the right specification of industrial air & gas compression system needed for your application – supplied from a wide range of standardized models or custom designed to meet a particular requirement – commissioned as a complete turn-key package or supplied as a minimum configuration, based on your needs.
  • Serving a diverse range of sectors, our leading product development specialists, manufacturing experts, commissioning engineers and service professionals all work together to deliver class-leading high pressure technology ready for use.
  • Class-leading high pressure equipment is our answer to the need for total reliability in industrial air & gas applications.

Offshore & Marine: The quality of engineering excellence built into each and every one of our high compression units is able to stand up to even the harshest and most hostile environments

  • Right now, our systems are working on oil platforms miles from shore, naval battle groups, merchant vessels and marine applications across the globe
  • For 110 years our organization has been designing, manufacturing, commissioning and servicing compressed air & gas systems for these specialist markets making the REAVELL name synonymous with the highest standards of quality and long-term support capabilities.
  • Our unique range of seawater, freshwater and air cooled high compression systems meet or exceed all international approval standards (e.g. ISO 9001, Lloyds Register, Det Norske Veritas, RINA and The American Bureau of Shipping).
  • Our research development and engineering expertise give us an unrivalled flexibility in being able to configure specific high compression systems, tailor made to your exact requirements.

Defense: REAVELL has been an integral part of high compression technology for defense applications since the early years of the last century.

  • Today, our global technology and engineering leadership prove us to be a trusted partner for the majority of the world’s largest defense forces. Our technology will secure your operational capability, ensure your strategic and tactical mobility and secure around-the-clock operation theater control.
  • Whatever your requirements, REAVELL can supply a compression system to suit your specific need (be it air, fresh water or sea water cooled, lubricated or oil-free)
  • Fully NATO codified, we dedicate our abilities and capabilities to supporting your through the life cycle of the compression system, from design and manufacture through to installation, commissioning and long term maintenance.
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