• Has been the proven compressor of choice in many of the most difficult environments and applications
  • Rotary vane compressors are the unique alternative to rotary screw compressors
  • Hydrovane compressors wear in…not out

For over 50 years, Hydrovane has been a market leader in the manufacture and global distribution of rotary vane technology compressors, covering both rotary vane air compressor and rotary vane gas compressor applications with over 750,000 units sold to date.

Hydrovane delivers proven solutions within numerous market sectors, including automotive, general manufacturing, and medical, with special applications within the gas, snow and transit sectors. Hydrovane compressors are highly reliable, and are engineered to deliver high quality compressed air.

The Hydrovane standard product portfolio covers requirements up to 100 hp (75 kW), and 145 psi (10 bar), available in both fixed speed and energy saving regulated speed models, with Hypac options for ‘plug and play’. As well as complete packages, Hydrovane can supply separate air ends, suitable for OEM applications. Hydrovane can also offer custom solutions, tailoring our product to meet the end customers exacting requirements.

Hydrovane compressors have been proven to be the most dependable rotary compressor in many of the most rigorous environments. Hydrovane engineering can develop a custom package to fit almost any application

  • Snowmaking – below zero operation
  • Transit Packages – trains, street cars, trams, electric buses
  • Cement Batching – dirty and dusty environments
  • Shipboard / Yachts – corrosive environments
  • Smelting – high temperatures
  • Sweet Gas – city/pipeline gas
  • Sour Gas Applications
  • Oil fields, coal fields, landfill/digester, sewage

Hydrovane engineering has the capability to adapt to a Hydrovane compressor or custom-built package to many unique compressed air applications

  • Hydraulic Drive
  • Food Grade
  • High Ambient Temperature
  • Low Ambient Temperature
  • Engine Driven
  • DC Motors (34 to 600v)
  • Remote Filtration
  • Additional In-line Filtration
  • CompAir
  • hydrovane
  • Champion
  • Quantima
  • Reavell